The Pelonis Model 42

Pelonis Model 42 SystemAs I grabbed my new hard copy of Mix Magazine this morning I spotted the Pelonis Model 42 review article on the cover. (Yes, I still enjoy that glossy hard copy, be it ever diminishing…) Great work Chris! A very good and fair review by George Peterson too…

I have been demoing a Model 42 system for a couple of weeks and they sound superb for a small set. But beyond the sound – The size, form factor and weight all make fantastic sense. About time for a small speaker set at a reasonable price with little if any sacrifice. But I’m probably biased. Check out the article for details and an objective vantage.

Waves Solution

I don’t think this solution from this audio company for helping 2010 FIFA World Cup broadcasters out is meant to be funny, but that is precisely what makes it a bit humorous to me:

Waves Promo

Nonetheless, a great company. I find myself using their modeling software more and more.

Off to Acronym Land

Now that I consider it, seems that all the cool tech/gear trade shows I enjoy attending carry some cool kind of acronym moniker. I’ve been going to AES shows ever since I got into audio. Have enjoyed many NAB shows in Las Vegas. More recently, GDC, GANG, AIAS, and HMMA have been relevant to my work with SCEA…

But the one show of all shows that I’ve never attended has been NAMM. Finally, I’m off to NAMM tomorrow in LA to check out the wonders there. Everyone touts it as a great show. I’m very much looking forward.

Will report back here on any great findings.